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1. Metrickz - Xenon
2. Hawkwind - The Xenon Codex
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1. Xenon by TEDE
obię to, co robię, choć nie jest kolorowo obok Wysoki odlot z wysoką ceną Pamiętaj odtąd - świecę się jak pierdolony xenon Nieważne to ilu mi pluje Jestem jak xenon - iluminuję! Jestem jak xenon - iluminuję! Eliminuję! Iluminuję! Naświetlam sprawy, t...
2. Xenon by Metrickz
' mehr Lila als ein Bauingenieur Keine Liebe für Verräter, bis ich draufgeh' wie Kurt Xenon, "They've been low-key hated on, mad on me But, but, but anyway tell your mama that I said, 'hi'" "Y'all know me", "You better get it right" "So fuck y'all, a...
3. Xenon by Deftones
You're floating out astray This cold and lifeless body At this moment what you taste Is the key to your evolving We're the lions at the gates We're the diamonds in your brain The desire in your veins For the violence And the writers of your fate Keep...
4. Multiples (Reprise) by Atmosphere
your whole unit urine In the vents, sprayed a variety of verbs on the vermin The weasels, weaknesses was wrecked on a Wednesday X marks the xenon, be the xenolith on my X-ray Yesterday you saw me spool my yarn to the youth Zigzagged through the zone ...
5. Wamp Wamp (What It Do) by The Clipse
t ya nose up C'mon wamp, wamp, what it do? What it do? Ha, wamp, wamp, what it do? What it do? Wamp, wamp, what it do? What it do? Ha, wamp, wamp, what it do? So much glamor, that I can't stand the Bright from the ice, chain xenon lamp ya Depression ...
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